Impound Fees

Impound (Non-Consensual) Towing fees – Prince William County

All impound non-consensual towing fees are County regulated and thereby paid by the vehicle owner or person picking up the vehicle.

Impound fees range based on the weight of the vehicle and day and time of tow are computed as follow:

Base fee:

  1. 10k lb or Less – 150 $
  2. 10k up to 26k lb – 250 $
  3. Above 26k lb – 475 $

In addition to the Base Fee add two of the following that apply:

  1. Add 25 $ if towed after hours (Between 19:00 to 8:00)
  2. Add 25 $ if towed during weekend (Saturday or Sunday)
  3. Add 25 $ if towed on a Prince William County holiday

Combination Fee

  • Add 50 $ if you vehicle is towed on the ground (e.g. Truck or Trailer)

Storage fee

  • Add 50 $ after the first 24 hours from tow date-time. Per day / per vehicle

Administrative fee

  • Add 50 $ after 72 hours from tow date-time

All fees are subject to change at any time and without prior warning*